The Ram

Aries Image

March 21 - April 19

The first sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* self-assertion, initiation, new beginnings
* action, daring, challenge, adventure
* exploration, pioneering, discovering
* aggression, creativity, personal goals
* personal control of everything
* competition, winning, being first
* courage, honesty, nobility, openness

Elemental Quality

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. It can be likened to a fire which gives direction, such as in a rocket, a gun, or an engine. Superman and Superwoman, who can propel themselves in any direction, are good metaphors of Aries energy. Fire is a process that causes change and Aries uses energy to bring about changes. Being a cardinal sign, Aries is the most energetic of the fire signs and usually takes the initiative.

Spiritual Goal

To learn the meaning of selfless love.

The Aries Personality

These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Aries. An unhappy or frustrated Aries may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.

* Is a leader* Must be the boss
* Is energetic* Brashness
* Helps others to achieve their dreams* Blind to his or her effect on others
* Accepts challenges* Intolerance
* Believes the best of others* Jealousy
* Takes risks for others* Doesn't listen
* Defends the vulnerable* Selfishness
* An Aries life is an open book* Impulsiveness
* Will give life for the loved one* Poor judge of character
* Continues action even if others give up* Dislikes being told what to do

Secret Aries

Inside anyone who has strong Aries influences is a person who thinks that he or she is more interesting than others and better than those with whom they are in competition.

It is patently obvious to all that Aries is interested in winning, whoever or whatever the challenge.

A fight, a race, a bit of physical or verbal sparring, or an opportunity to do things in new ways are what keep the Aries' fires burning bright. Aries has to be number one in every respect. The secret fear of a typical Aries is that he or she won't be liked or valued, even though a winner. However, failure is never a problem because Aries doesn't know the word... every outcome is seen as a part of the winning process, which is why warnings of impending disasters are usually ignored.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect

Mars rules the zodiac sign of Aries, so anyone whose birthchart has a strong Aries influence will tend to look for challenges to overcome. In astrology, Mars is the planet of aggressive energy and creative action. Like Mars, Aries is the knight in shining armor, an inspiration to friends, and a conquering hero to the underdog.

Arien Lucky Connections
Colors: red, black, white
Plant: tiger lily
Gemstones: ruby, diamond
Metal: iron
Tarot Card: the magician
Animals: ram and lamb

The Aries Look

People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Aries are tall and bold. Usually lean, they have strong bodies and may even be quite athletic. They are usually concerned to project a physical image of success. They need to be winners and generally do their very best to look the part. Appearances are important to Aries.

Physical Appearance

* Body: lean and strong, with large bones, thick shoulders, and a long neck.

* The face is usually long and the eyes are steady and somewhat piercing -- not looking through you, but certainly looking at you, as if to challenge.

* There may be a scar on the face or the body from a past fight -- if so it will be "worn" with a certain pride like a winner's trophy.

The Aries Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Aries sun sign.

The typical Aries man:
* has a strong body
* is extremely energetic
* has a dominating sex appeal
* walks with an air of nobility
* dresses in clothes appropriate to the current challenge
Behavior and Personality Traits
* is fiercely competitive
* is honest
* appears to be self-assured
* takes initiative and expects others to follow
* is enterprising
* dreads physical disability
* has very clear goals
* will put his partner on a pedestal
* needs to win
* uses wit and brains to get what he wants

The Aries Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Aries sun sign.

The typical Aries woman:
* is slim and strong
* is very active and glows with energy
* has strong, luxurious hair
* wears sophisticated colors and perfume
* dresses in clothes appropriate to the occasion
Behavior and Personality Traits
* looks you in the eye and gives a firm handshake
* is enthusiastic and optimistic
* talks back and often gets hurt because of it
* expects loyalty
* is fearless
* has interests outside the home or has a career
* expects to win in any situation
* is direct, open, and honest
* can make miracles happen

Young Aries

If a child behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with Aries, he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Behavior and Personality Traits
The typical Aries child:
* has a strong, active body and mind
* has a temper when thwarted
* usually walks and talks early
* wants attention and to be in charge
* can be lazy until someone claims to be better
* is generous with toys
* has a vivid, practical imagination
* can achieve much in a short time
* is normally very affectionate
* has an inexhaustible curiousity
* gets over childhood fevers very quickly

Bringing Up Young Aries

Most Aries children are very direct about their likes and dislikes. They are also very determined to do things their way. Saying "No" doesn't work, nor does persuasion, coaxing, or using other obedient children as examples.

Young Aries children of any age respond best to a challenge. Tell him he's probably just slow at organizing his toys or tell her that it isn't her fault that she can't do something very well and young Aries goes into action, to prove he or she is better than anyone else at anything -- including doing the things they don't like.

Young Aries Needs

Adventure, opportunities to find out, to try things, take charge, solve problems, and to be a winner. Above all, Aries needs to know that he or she is loved and valued. Big hugs and reassurance, especially after emotional bumps, are essential, despite the brave face they put on.

What To Teach Young Aries

At school, Aries children take the lead in every way and will react against authority. So teach them when to obey by making it a challenge.

Because Aries youngsters are so adventurous, they ignore dangers, so parents need to be extra vigilant about hot pans and fires. As they become old enough, show them how to handle dangerous situations. Don't forbid them to do things, or they will take it as a challenge.

They need to be guided gently, with logic and praise, not ordered about. Ask them with a smile and they will respond with increasing confidence.

Teach Aries to handle their own money from a very early age. Explain the rights of others too, as young Aries dominates without knowing it. They will have a few falls and show their fiery temper often, but they recover very quickly from both and come out smiling.

Aries At Home

If a person has the personality that is typical of those born with an Aries sun sign, home is a place to come back to after many adventures, and she or he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
When at home, an Aries man or woman:
* wants to be the top dog
* makes a substantial and secure home
* doesn't like to feel tied down or restricted
* will generously give money, goods, and space to those who need it
* can turn a hand to anything but doesn't enjoy those little jobs needed to run and repair a home
Aries as a Parent
* won't spoil the children
* will give plenty of hugs and praise
* can create a magical fantasy world for children
* usually insists on strict discipline
* will raise children to be successful
* may try to dictate the future careers of offspring
* will fight to the death if anyone hurts the kids
* will be a devoted dad and an affectionate mom

Two Aries in the Same Family

Aries can be comfortably married to each other providing they each have separate challenging situations in their lives to confront and win. Two Aries need to converse regularly as neither likes being left out.

A parent and a child who are both Aries will clash many times, so the parent must recognize that young Aries also hates being told what to do. Families with two or more Aries can be exciting with plenty of affection and challenge to keep them all going.

Aries At Work

At work, the person who has a typical Aries personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Aries at work:
* is loyal an enthusiastic about the company
* will work all hours and is not a clock watcher
* will look elsewhere for an opening if bored
* is highly creative and can initiate
* has very strong willpower
* is not suited to political work
Aries as Employer
A typical Aries boss (male or female):
* is idealistic and needs the faith of his or her employees and expects their loyalty
* believes he/she can make the future a success
* needs others but will go it alone when necessary
* wants to be recognized as the boss
* can pull a business up from a near bankruptcy
* is generous with rewards for hard work
* expects everyone to drop everything to solve a crisis
Aries as Employee
A typical Aries employee (male or female):
* works best when answerable only to the boss
* can promote anything
* tends to work late rather than early
* looks for opportunity to learn and progress
* intends to succeed but is careless with details
* knows he or she can do well
* will move to another job if he or she feels the challenges in the current job have run out; security is not a priority, although Aries workers usually make their way under the most difficult circumstances
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Aries man or woman:
* will have people and machines to take care of the details
* may be almost anywhere that is exciting
* must be stimulating and allow freedom of movement
* will support an important-seeming image
* must be accessible at all times: day, night, and weekends

Typical Occupations

Aries is associated with work which inspires activity in others -- for example, leaders, directors, supervisors, or any job that has authority. Aries must be in command or they will lose interest. Aries works best at the initiation of a project, leaving the consolidation to other people. Typical jobs are in recruitment and training, work in the theater, business enterprises, sports, and the military in any position that has power.

Aries and Love

To Aries, love is a conquest. Male Aries love the chase and seem to have little difficulty attracting women, while female Aries also love the challenge of the hunt but go about it a little more subtly. Aries of both sexes are attractive because of their natural energy. Aries in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior When In Love
The typical Aries:
* is very romantic and believes in courtly love
* will insist on doing the chasing and cannot bear to be chased by anyone
* can be extremely possessive of the lover but cannot understand if the lover is possessive
* places the loved one on a pedestal
* will be jealous of any attention the loved one gives to others
* will defend the loved one to the death
The typical Aries expects:
* total faithfulness from the partner
* the lover to respond as if he or she is the first and best lover ever known
* to be loved exclusively
* never to be criticized

The End of An Affair

Boredom is the death of most Aries love affairs. Like the knight in a crusade, it is the winning that is the peak of excitement. Once the fair lady (or fair gentleman) is won, there may be nothing left to stimulate the affair further. At this point the Aries will get itchy feet and want to be off to find new conquests.

It isn't that love itself is merely a conquest, it is the joy of overcoming obstacles to reach love. The partner of an Aries must always keep a little mystery in reserve and must always believe in every new Aries dream. If all fails -- and Aries will try and try before leaving a relationship -- then the Aries passion cools and there remains only a lack of interest.

A lover who hurts Aries very deeply can expect to be totally frozen out and ignored.

Aries and Sex

In many ways the excitement is in the chase not the conquest. It isn't that Aries lovers aren't faithful -- they are, as long as the excitement of new challenges in love are always there to stimulate them. Aries may appear to want to dominate, but does not want a submissive partner in sex. Routine is what brings boredom to lovemaking for Aries. Aries women may have difficulties in love because she may see her partner as a fellow contestant in the world.

Aries and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Aries must realize that Aries will want to be in control of all the major decisions. He or she will be happy to leave the day to day details to a partner, but will always expect to be in overall control. Given this, the person who partners Aries can expect an exciting, creative relationship with unexpected surprises and plenty of affection.

Aries Man As A Partner

He will want a partner of whom he can be proud, yet who will never do anything better than he can. A clever partner would be wise to be modest about personal abilities and to put effort into supporting and encouraging the sensitive Aries partner in his own dreams.

In marriage, the Aries husband will regard his wife as the queen of his domain and she must behave accordingly, never failing in her loyalty to him and keeping surprises up her sleeve to stimulate his interest.

Aries Woman As A Partner

Like her male counterpart, the Aries partner must always come first. This makes life difficult for the typical Aries wife in a male-dominant situation. She needs a husband who will recognize and accept her powers. A man must have self-respect and tact to partner an Aries woman.

In return, both male and female Aries will bring bountiful energy, enthusiasm, and loyalty to any partnership.

Opposite Sign

Libra, the scales, is the complementary opposite sign to Aries. Although relationships between Aries and Libra can be difficult, Libra can show Aries how to cooperate, share, and bring people together in harmony. Libra can intervene diplomatically where Aries will bound in and make demands forcibly.

Aries and Friends

In general, Aries likes a friend who is special in some particular way and who will regard Aries as his or her best friend (never the second best!).

Positive Factors

Aries friends are warm and hospitable but they are not usually interested in entertaining for its own sake; they usually have a reason for inviting friends around. Many Aries perfer to go out to dinner, to find an unusal eating place. Both male and female Aries usually get along better with male friends.

Negative Factors

Because Aries are very jealous of other peoples abilities and achievements, Aries friendships often don't last very long.

However, a person who will admire his or her Aries friend and remain interesting, though not ambitious, can enjoy an enduring friendship with Aries. Aries can become harsh and nasty if his or her fragile ego is under threat.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Aries is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Aries and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Libra) are as shown below.

Aries with Aries: Harmonious
Aries with Taurus: Harmonious
Aries with Gemini: Harmonious
Aries with Cancer: Difficult
Aries with Leo: Harmonious
Aries with Virgo: Turbulent
Aries with Libra: Difficult
Aries with Scorpio: Turbulent
Aries with Sagittarius: Harmonious
Aries with Capricorn: Difficult
Aries with Aquarius: Harmonious
Aries with Pisces: Harmonious

Aries Leisure Interests

Most typical Aries enjoy some physical activity that allows them to display their prowess. Aries may also enjoy board games that give them the opportunity to demonstrate their superior mental and tactical power.

On the whole, typical Aries pursue the following leisure interests:

* Competitive sports, e.g. football, tennis

* Driving a car which has a great image

* Racing by car, bicycle, or on foot

* Risky physical activities, such as sailing around the world alone or climbing a new peak

* Military pastimes

* Theatrical activities

Aries Likes and Dislikes

* being liked
* the best wines
* a unique license plate on the car
* money to burn
* new clothes
* red roses
* food in bright colors
* personalized gifts
* presents wrapped in intriguing paper
* books
* sparkling gems
* being ignored
* physical restriction
* being placed less than first
* feeling hungry
* anyone who performs better than they
* old things, second-hand stuff
* having to wait for anything
* lingering after food
* bland food

Aries Health

Typical Aries are healthy and fight every illness that comes their way, starving off attacks of flu with sheer willpower. When Aries pride is hurt or life teaches a hard lesson, Aries may suffer emotionally and need great comfort. For all their apparent superiority, Aries are extremely softhearted and vunerable to emotional hurts.

Types of Sickness

Fevers and accidents are typical of all fire signs, and especially so with the highly strung Aries character. If ill, Aries will expect constant attention to his or her needs, but recovery is usually very quick. Typical Aries may suffer from acne, epilepsy, neuralgia, headaches, migraines, and baldness. Accidents due to physical activities are common, accompanied by bangs on the tough Aries head. Sinuses, eyes, and ears are also vulnerable.

Aries at Rest

Rarely is a typical Aries seen to rest during the day. They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy and a constant willpower. However, when eventually tired, at perhaps three in the morning, the typical Aries will usually sleep well and may either sleep late or take a long time to get started again in the morning.

The typical Aries doesn't rest like most other people; both male and female Aries are too busy with some project or other to stop for long. The enthusiasm with which they do things is as good as a rest to them. When enthusiasm wanes, they still don't want to rest but are impatient to be off on a new venture.

Famous Ariens

Marcel Marceau (Mime Actor), Joan Crawford (Actress), Diana Ross (Singer), Casanova (Adventurer), Marlon Brando (Actor), Doris Day (Actress), Omar Sharif (Actor), Leonardo da Vinci (Artist and Inventor), Charlie Chaplin (Silent Film Star and Director)

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