The Bull

Taurus Image

April 20 - May 20

The second sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* beauty, romance, sentimentality, sensuality
* materialistic values, wealth, prosperity
* nature, harmony, love of living things
* possession, control, security, dependability
* habit, organization, tenacity, kindness
* shyness, cautiousness, trustworthiness, calmness
* appreciation of values, talents, abilities

Elemental Quality

Taurus is the fixed earth sign of the zodiac. It can be liken to an ancient rainforest full of enduring trees and rare plants that is teaming with the beauty of life, or to a beautiful, old French chateau that is full of valuable antiques, and which has established vineyards and gardens that offer all manner of delight to the senses.

This sign represents an enduring, practical reality.

Spiritual Goal

To learn the value of insight.

The Taurean Personality

These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Taurus. An unhappy or frustrated Taurus may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.

* A careful and conservative outlook* A tendency to be self-indulgent
* Dependable and offers enduring loyalty* Can be stubborn, obstinate, and get stuck in a rut
* Calm and patient* Materialistic
* Artistic* Slow-moving
* Thorough* Little to say
* Attentive* Delays action by lengthy pondering
* Values the talents of others* Easily embarrassed
* Very loving* Boring
* Resourceful* Insensitivity
* Gentle and placid
* Excellent cook
* Good sense of time and is orderly

Secret Taurus

Inside anyone who has strong Taurus influences is a person who takes the long-term and proceeds slowly but surely, because Taurus is only interested in the very best of everything. Taurus's view is that the best is worth waiting for.

Taurus loves to luxuriate in sensual delights and desires secure material prosperity. The two secret fears of Taurus are of being disturbed or of being left wanting. Taurus will wait for anything, even to get angry. When Taureans do eventually have to express anger, it can be devastating and is so disturbing to themselves that it takes a while for them to recover both their composure and their self-esteem.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect

Venus rules the zodiac sign of Taurus, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Taurus influence will tend to have a strong set of personal values. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, affection, values, and sensuality.

Like Venus, Taureans can be very affectionate and fond of the good life, as long as it is a peaceful, secure life. Taureans rarely detract from their personal code of what is right.

Taurus, like the mythical Venus, has an idealized concept of beauty, and may, especially in early life, be very self-conscious about his or her body.

Taurean Lucky Connections
Colors: pastel shades and blues
Plant: mallow
Perfume: storax
Gemstone: topaz
Metal: copper
Tarot Card: hierophant (High Priest)
Animal: bull

The Taurean Look

People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Taurus look as if they are well rooted and in touch with the Earth. They may be plump or slim, but either way they will walk with a slightly ponderous gait, as if each step has been carefully considered. All typical Taureans have a presence which emanates solid reliability.

Physical Appearance

* Body compact and sturdy, often with thick, muscular legs and thighs.

* Face rounded with a clear, often beautiful complexion.

* Neck short and may appear rather thick if the shoulders are high and square, which is typical of those with a very strong Taurean influence.

* Typical Taurean feet are large or broad.

* Eyes are usually large and offer a steady gaze.

The Taurus Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Taurus sun sign.

The typical Taurus man:
* has a stocky body, which is muscular if he does a lot of physical activity
* may be plump
* will bear the discomfort of an injury or disability with extreme stoicism
* has very clear skin
* is likely to have plenty of hair and can grow a substantial beard
* walks with determination
Behavior and Personality Traits
* rarely changes his point of view
* works hard to build security
* is astute and can evaluate a situation very quickly in financial terms
* is quiet and has a low-key charm
* is unpretentious
* enjoys comfort
* can be defensive and suspicious in a new or unexpected situation
* is wary of others taking advantage of him
* dresses to create an image of respectability
* uses influential connections to get what he wants

The Taurus Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Taurus sun sign.

The typical Taurus woman:
* tends to have a rounded body
* has a beautiful complexion and hair which always looks in excellent condition
* may live by a very strict diet to attain slimness
* has an air of mystery about her because she does not flaunt her sexuality
* wears clothes which give her sensual pleasure
* has a strong body capable of hard work
Behavior and Personality Traits
* is an introvert
* has considerable moral and emotional courage
* takes people as they come
* is very loyal to her friends and sticks by them if they are in trouble
* has practical common sense
* is deeply sensual
* prefers the real to the artificial, e.g., real flowers, real silk, and genuine, high-quality antiques

Young Taurus

If a child behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with Taurus, he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Behavior and Personality Traits
The typical Taurus child:
* is usually a quiet baby with rare outbursts
* is stubborn and wants his or her own way
* has a strong little body and can often be found clenching his or her fists when opposed
* is usually calm, pleasant, and a little shy
* is cuddly and affectionate
* dislikes being the center of attention
* responds to common sense and affection
* usually works slowly but steadily at school

Bringing Up Young Taurus

Never try to force a young Taurus to do something because the Taurean child will turn stubborn and will always hold his or her ground longer than anyone else, except perhaps a Taurean parent. Harsh commands will never discipline the young Taurus, but a loving hug will melt all the resistance out of that obsinate little bull.

Both girls and boys are usually competent little people and open to practical, common-sense explanations. Both can charm adults, especially of the opposite sex.

Young Taurus's Needs

Physical affection given freely and without smothering is essential to the healthy growth of any Taurean child. Young Taurus also needs harmonious surroundings. Colors and sound will effect these children quite deeply. Harmonious blues, shades of pink and rose, and soft sounds will be calming and reassuring.

What To Teach Young Taurus

Most children who are typically Taurean will have soft, melodious voices so they should be introduced to singing or other forms of music from an early age. Usually these children will prefer melodious music to noisy modern pop; and nursery rhymes won't satisfy them for long. Let them hear a wide selection of classical music which they can absorb into their souls. Drawing, coloring, and other artistic activities -- such as collage with materials lovely to the touch -- will please and stimulate young Taurus.

In general, Taurean children will take a clear, practical, and orderly approach to school and homework. They need to be given time to learn, but things once learned are not forgotten. Taureans should be encouraged to communicate through words, pictures, and music as they tend to hide their true feelings behind silent obstinacy.

Taurus At Home

If a person has the personality of those born with a Taurus sun sign, home is a place to feel absolutely secure and comfortable. The person who has strong Taurean influences will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
When at home, a Taurus man or woman:
* hates anything to be moved around
* enjoys comfort and luxury
* has well-tried habits and likes a well-ordered household
* prefers to own his or her home
* makes his or her home a castle and usually fills it with furniture that will increase in value
Taurus as a Parent
* is affectionate
* has seemingly endless patience
* can be dominant and possessive
* may find it hard to relax and play with the children
* will support, encourage, nurture, and protect the children with unswerving faith in their own abilities as a parent
* will teach self respect
* will save for the future
* expects high standards

Two Taureans in the Same Family

Taureans can get along well together providing they have similar personal values. If they disagree about fundamental issues, their obstinacy could lead to a permanent impasse as neither will give an inch. On the other hand, their mutual serenity and response to physical affection should overcome any serious disagreements

Taurus At Work

At work, the person who has a typical Taurean personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Taurus at work:
* will work steadily toward achieving what he/she values
* cannot bear interference
* has great respect for institutions
* requires work that gives respectability
Taurus as Employer
A typical Taurus boss (male or female):
* patiently tests out the employees
* doggedly sticks to stated principles
* will give anyone more than a fair chance but fire anyone who breaks his or her trust
* is often a self-made person and will make money
* does not make hasty judgments
* wants things done his or her way
* is kind and patient but expects total loyalty
* likes plain facts but hates flattery
Taurus as Employee
A typical Taurus employee (male or female):
* needs a regular salary
* is an excellent person to handle money
* is honest and dependable
* is practical, sensible, and down-to-earth
* enjoys sensible routines
* displays foresight
* is rarely thrown off balance
* can handle emergencies
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Taurus man or woman:
* must be calm and well-ordered
* any noise or color scheme must be low key, if it is an office
* should be at a fixed location -- rural or park settings suit Taurus well

Typical Occupations

Taurus is associated with banking, farming, floristry, interior design, architecture, food, engineering, construction, general medical practice, executive secretarial positions, stable occupations in established institutions, and any occupation that involves the shrewd acquisition of land, investments, or goods.

Taurus and Love

To Taurus, love is a physical, sensual romance which can be expected to last forever. Taureans are attracted by physical beauty and are very sensitive to perfume, color, light, and sound. Taurus in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior When In Love
The typical Taurus:
* is devoted and steadfast
* settles quickly into a stable affair
* loves glamour
* is extremely vulnerable to people who accept his or her affection but only want a flirtation
* will never forgive a betrayal
* the male is generally the strong silent type
* the female is usually an earth woman/Venus
The typical Taurus expects:
* his woman to be very feminine
* her man to be all male
* a promise to be kept and never broken
* a wholesome, natural approach to physical love
* to be pampered
* to wait for a commitment to be made

The End of An Affair

It takes a long time for a Taurean to decide to leave a relationship. Taurus finds it extremely difficult to be convinced he or she was wrong about a person. However, once the Taurean mind is made up, there is never any turning back. He or she will walk away forever.

Being a good judge of character is not one of Taurus's strengths, so some will assume all is well, even when a lover is being deceitful. When a deceit is revealed, Taurus will be very hurt but will still hang on to hope.

Some Taurus men can be macho, so when a relationship is ending, the macho Taurus can lose his normally gentle approach, becoming harsh and domineering. This usually indicates the hurt to his ego, which at heart is very trusting and naive.

The lover who walks out on a Taurean will leave behind a bewildered, disbelieving person, who may suffer one vague illness after another as the hurt and rage slowly come to the surface.

Taurus and Sex

When a typical Taurus makes love it is the most physical and natural pleasure in the whole world. Sex is never a power game for a Taurean; it is something very natural to be enjoyed. Taureans, especially females, are sometimes embarrassed about their bodies if they feel they are being criticized. On the whole, Taurus regards nudity as natural and wholesome.

Taurus and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Taurus must realize that Taurus will expect absolute loyalty through thick and thin and will probably want to establish a routine way of doing things his or her way.

Given this, the person who partners Taurus can expect honest devotion, a long-term relationship, and a partner who can keep his or her head in any emergency.

Taurus Man As A Partner

He will want a partner who enjoys his way of doing things. The partner should be prepared to take the responsibility for good public relations while Taurus works quietly away ensuring that money and power come their way.

The Taurean husband wants a marriage partner whom he can possess, body, soul and dowry. He needs a woman who enjoys physical love, since to Taureans there is no division between love, sex, and marriage.

Taurus Woman As A Partner

She will want a partner who is attentive and appreciative. Common sense is essential in any partner of a Taurus. She, like her male counterpart, will look for a business partner who will bring prestige to the business.

The Taurean wife wants to be given gifts and treated with gentleness. She does not want to be patronized, but she does want her man to remember her birthday and other anniversaries.

She needs a husband who will let her organize at least a part of his life and who will never give her cause for jealousy.

Opposite Sign

Scorpio is the complementary opposite sign to Taurus. Although relations between Taurus and Scorpio can be difficult because they are both stubborn signs, Scorpio can show Taurus how to gain insight into the needs and motives of other people, and thus also into his or her own life. In this way, Taurus can use his or her natural sensitivity to help in the service of others.

Taurus and Friends

In general Taurus likes a friend who is reliable, unchanging, and not given to sudden excitement or changes of plans.

Positive Factors

Taureans are very warm and affectionate toward their friends. They enjoy friendship with people who have good taste and with whom they can enjoy a quiet conversation or a concert or a football game.

They will enjoy people who have strength of character and qualities of endurance like their own. Toward such friends, Taurus will always be gentle, kind, loving, and totally trustworthy.

Negative Factors

Taurus can be very jealous of any attention given to someone else.

Taurus does not like signs of weakness, physical or emotional, and can be quite direct about them.

Taurus prizes friends who have some power which they can share and enjoy.

People who wear cheap perfume, artificial fabrics, and have houses that are built to deceive the eye, e.g., not real stone but faced with stone, are unlikely to attract the friendship of a typical Taurean.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Taurus is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Taurus and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Scorpio) are as shown below.

Taurus with Taurus: Harmonious
Taurus with Gemini: Harmonious
Taurus with Cancer: Harmonious
Taurus with Leo: Difficult
Taurus with Virgo: Harmonious
Taurus with Libra: Turbulent
Taurus with Scorpio: Difficult
Taurus with Sagittarius: Turbulent
Taurus with Capricorn: Harmonious
Taurus with Aquarius: Difficult
Taurus with Pisces: Harmonious
Taurus with Aries: Harmonious

Taurean Leisure Interests

On the whole, typical Taureans pursue the following leisure interests:

* collecting things of value

* singing or listening to music

* gardening

* painting

* the quieter sports

* activities that give Taurus a chance to enjoy physical pleasure, such as horseback riding

Taurean Likes and Dislikes

* soft, sensual textures
* sensual pleasures
* a good bank balance
* certainty and well-tried routines
* gifts of value, attractively wrapped
* savoring the moments of pleasure at the dinner table
* doing the same thing over and over
* being disturbed
* change
* lending things
* being told to hurry up
* sleeping in strange beds

Taurean Health

Typical Taureans are robust people. They may suffer from being a little overweight, but on the whole Taurus is healthy, provided nothing comes along to disturb the status quo. A Taurus who has an unsatisfactory sex life will be rather like a bull with a sore head... irritable and prone to grunting and grumbling. The greatest danger for Taurus comes from the ability to hold back anger and to stubbornly hold on to a redundant point of view. That can lead to melancholy and medical depression.

Types of Sickness

Infections of the throat are said to be linked with Taurus, including laryngitis, swollen glands, and croup. Constipation may also bother a Taurean. When sick or if involved (untypically) in a serious accident, Taurus can withstand any amount of discomfort and pain. The Taurean ability to stubbornly refuse to allow anything to get the better of him or her is a great advantage during times of sickness. Similarly, a Taurean will stand by family and any friend who has a misfortune.

Taurus at Rest

Extending the metaphor of the fixed earth sign, Taurus at rest is totally relaxed and lazy. In fact, Taurus can rest with feet up in front of the television or listening to music for days and days.

Taureans usually sleep well and wake up slowly. Once they are on the go again, they can keep going for long periods without feeling tired.

Famous Taureans

Queen Elizabeth II (British Monarch), Yehudi Menuhin (Violinist), William Shakespeare (Playwright), Barbra Streisand (Singer and Actress), Ella Fitzgerald (Jazz Singer), Duke Ellington (Jazz Pianist and Composer), Judy Collins (Folksinger and Songwriter), Sigmund Freud (Psychoanalyst), Cher (Singer and Actress)

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